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I'm Katie, friends call me K...

(They/Them Pronouns, please and thank you)


A queer, genderqueer, neurodivergent therapist, living in the woods...

Sounds like the set up to a great story, and that's what I love. Hearing where a person came from and where they want to go next. Trying out some new therapeutic tools whether it's a CBT workbook, a breathing exercise, or a ritual under the moon- it's all about how to help you reconnect to you, that true, authentic, vibrant you buried beneath the grime that is being alive in the dumpster fire that is 2020...even if it's 2024.


Welcome. I'm So Glad You're Here.

You are ready for a change. Ready to dig deep and face what has kept you from realizing your dreams. You want to move forward and live authentically without fears affecting your ability to be your true self. Therapy can be a helpful space to explore the past and the patterns that were created to keep you safe, but no longer serve you. Together, we can build new tools for you to utilize in building the life you want. 

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Work With Me

I'm a licensed therapist passionate about helping people face their past trauma while also creating a vision for a vibrant and joyful future. It's easy to sign up for a free consult to see if I feel like a good fit for your goals.


My Blog

Take a moment, take a breathe, and check out my blog for ideas on how to get rest, ground yourself, and find resources that uplift and inspire. 

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