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Transitional phases

Mindfulness & Meditation


Existential Therapy

Narrative Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

K's Story


Since I was young I had a passion for stories, the cliffs and the arcs and the hero's journey to a more authentic and fulfilled self. Becoming a therapist allows me to be a part of those transitional chapters where the hero faces the monsters and finds their path to becoming the warrior they are. 

As a therapist I lean into the narrative lens, the overarching story, the broken attachments, and themes of interests or passions as we craft future goals. I am strength based and often pull from mindfulness practices such as meditation. I also enjoy utilizing writing prompts to encourage self-reflection, and to look at thoughts and negative self-talk to help shift to a more self-compassionate perspective. 

I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Millikin University with a Bachleor's of Science in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy in 2009 and received my Master's of Education at Seattle University in Community Counseling.

I hold a specialization as a mental health therapist for the LGBTQ and non-binary population. I affirm and celebrate all sexualities and relationships and have experience working with poly and kinky individuals and couples. 



My priority has always been to work with my community- because growing up in the Midwest, that community and understanding can be hard to find. I've been a therapist and specialist in the LGBTQ since 2013.

In 2017 I presented with the legendary Allena Gabosch, former Director of the Center for Sex Positive Culture, on "How to become a more Kink-Aware Therapist". *Because I don't think you should have to educate your therapist

And...I'm totally a cat person. Meaning you may get some additional life advice from my feisty 22 year old cat Peaches.

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