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Need a Mentor?

You are a service provider or business owner who needs a guide as you navigate building your brand and authentic voice so that you can reach clients in a meaningful way.  You want to work with someone who has been there, done that, and has a business they love so that you can ask questions and know you can trust the answers. 

I can help. As your consultant and mentor I can assist you in making a plan for transforming a dream into reality. And if you want accountability and regular check ins- I'm here for that too with all the unconditional positive regard you want from a friend plus all the training and skills from a professional with 10 years of experience serving hundreds of clients.

While I primarily work with entrepreneurs who are therapists or other healers I can also assist in other areas of self-advocacy or communicating needs so you can move forward with confidence. Areas of life I can assist in coaching through:

- Building your confidence in your online voice

- Communication and boundary setting in your relationships with clients

- Advocating for higher financial compensation

- Outlining a program to serve more people

- Writing that book

You name it and I am here for you! If it does seem like what you are looking for is actually therapy, I will help connect you with a therapist but please note that this is not therapy, this is meant to be focused on specific projects such as working together to complete the copy on all of your website or structuring your schedule as a healer so you don't burn out, etc, not delving into deep inner work. 


“I have been looking for exactly what Katie has to offer for over a decade. For my clinical and wellness offerings, I have taken over a dozen business courses from Wharton to the online wellness leaders we all know, none of which has really aligned with the nuanced perspective of being a healer and an entrepreneur like Katie has. So many healers are incredible at what they do, but are unable to share their healing with the world because they do not know how to strategize. That was where I was before I found Katie’s work. For me, as a psychotherapist, production advisor, and hypnotherapist for over a decade, it was really important for me to find someone who has the strategy mastermind, but also the lived experience of being a provider in the wellness space. Moreover, Katie challenged me to look at where I am still playing small and is the expansive and aligned coach I have always been searching for… what a dream! Katie has met and far exceeded my needs of providing clarity, guidance, and wisdom from holistic and restorative frameworks and I am so excited to keep learning from them and growing from their work.”


“Working with Katie has been a dream. I've experienced a deep transformation in working with her that has included major business shifts and big clarity. She is incredible at holding space and making you feel deeply seen and understood. She is the real deal and my only regret is that I didn't start working with her sooner!”


“Wow. I'm just mind blown. I'm so grateful for you, I'm so honored that you were able to see this project through my eyes and my words. It is even better than I ever imagined. Thank you, K, You are amazing."


— Mackensie of Shine Human Design

The Work:

Mackensie and I worked together to, in one whirlwind month dug deep into who she is, her amazing unique magic, and made that come alive with a brand new website, new brand colors, new logo, all new copy, plus templates created for her future shop downloads that she then utilized to create products launching soon after our work ended together.

How did we do it?

  • Shared Canva boards for brand colors

  • Shared Notion with weekly to-do lists with each small step needed to complete each page of her website

  • Voice memo suggestions on copy to help clarify her voice and message

  • So much support and joy and fun GIFS along the way.

You don’t have to do it all on your own. It can be helpful to have a guide along the way.

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