If you found my coaching page it means that you are feeling a little bit stuck. You don't need therapy, you don't tick all the boxes for depression or anxiety but you are overwhelmed or burned out. You may even have a therapist but you also have ADHD and are trying to get your own business off the ground but you need the kind of accountability and hand holding through your goals and all the steps of building a business which is WAY MORE than you can ask of a therapist. You've got this big change you want to make but you aren't sure where to start.

I can help. As a coach I can assist you in making a plan for transforming a dream into reality. And if you want accountability coaching, text message pep talks and regular check ins- I'm here for that too with all the unconditional positive regard you want from a friend plus all the training and skills from a professional with 10 years of experience serving hundreds of clients.

While I primarily work with enterprenuirs who are therapists or other healers I can also assist in other areas of self-advocacy or communicating needs that again, you don't need a therapist for but you do want quick specific guidance and direction so you can move forward with confidence. Areas of life I can assist in coaching through:

- Building your confidence in your online voice

- Communication in your relationships

- Advocating for higher financial compensation

- Decluttering your closets

- Writing that book

You name it and I am here for you! If it does seem like what you are looking for is actually therapy, I will help connect you with a therapist but please note that this is not therapy, this is meant to be focused on specific projects such as working together to complete the copy on all of your website or structuring your schedule as a healer so you don't burn out, etc, not delving into deep inner work. 

Want more information about my coaching practice and recent testimonials?
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